Simplicity pays off

Building simple brands and simplifying those already existing is what we do. So, what’s the value of simplicity? And why do we strive to develop simple brands?

A global study surveyed more than 15,000 people across nine countries, to understand which brands and industries provide the simplest brand experiences (source:

The study reveals that the world’s simplest brands are ones that put clarity and ease at the heart of the customer experience, and that simplicity inspires deeper trust and strengthens loyalty.

The study showed that people are more likely to recommend a brand, that delivers simple experiences, since 64% of consumers stated that they were more likely to recommend a brand that provides simpler experiences and communications. And furthermore, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences.

The greatest brands make life simple
Growth is welcome and inevitable for any successful company—but complexity is an unavoidable side-effect of growth. Companies must be on the lookout to simplify processes and create fresh and clear brand experiences. A commitment to simplicity starts at the top. Senior management must be committed to implementing practices that encourage simplicity.

The simple strategy and design process
A brand’s purpose should be articulated in a way that's both easy for employees to internalize, and for customers to appreciate and experience. Achieving simplicity is not always easy, but working from a strategic framework and model, we engorage our clients to strip back their massages and brand promise to the core. This makes communication more efficient, and creates a sense of consistency across all brand touchpoints.

Upfront and personal
Every project with us begins with a collective understanding of the essence and ambition of the brand. Making sure that all decision makers are onboard right from the start, we keep everything upfront and personal.

We are theoretically rooted in the field of social psychology, corporate communication, branding and design. We design every project to match the need of our brand owners, and we salute those intimate and close collaborations. We believe a personal and human-centric focus, will bring the best out in both brand, employees, and costumers.

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