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300 years of shipping, distilled and bottled

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The story of Fanø Skibsrom / Ships Rum is not only about good craftmanship, a family adventure or unique local ingredients. It is also a recognizion of more than 300 years of cultural heritage.

Rum from the Caribbean was for centuries an important part of the sailors’ provisions on the large sailing ships, making them able to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. Fanø Skibsrom is based on a rum distilled in Jamaica and subsequently seasoned with natural, local ingredients and stored in port wine casks on Fanø. 

Fanø Skibsrom is both historical and far-sighted, international and local at the same time. This kind of product and heritage requires a design, that takes you back in time. We wanted to reflect 300 years of shipping in every single detail. All elements in the design, from the vintage decorations and illustrations to the text and brand story, looks like it has been around forever. The shape of the bottle has been liftet straight out of the history books. The rope at the bottle neck ensure a link to the ship too. Best of all, Fanø owns the ‘Skibsrom’ / ‘Ships Rum’ designation. The distillery literally owns 300 years of ships rum tradition.



Fanø Skibsrom literally own 300 years of ships rum tradition.

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