Salling Group 
A single minded proposition

From private label to masterbrand

Brand Name and Concept

Salling is Salling Group's own brand. It is the name of more than 6,000 own products, previously called Vores, Levevis and other PL names. The range consists of a core range and in addition several unique brand series, which also under the Salling brand's identity and design cover organic, vegan, gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free products. The Salling brand range is sold exclusively in Bilka and Føtex.

Competition within FMCG is intense and it requires a distinct agenda or range to stand out. Since Dansk Supermarked changed its name to Salling Group, there has been a desire to create more visibility around the group's overall activities, foundations, ownership, and formats. A natural step in supporting this development is to actively utilize the company's own products, as a strategic instrument for business development.

The launch of the Salling Masterbrand is therefore significantly different from the previous approach to and use of private labels. With a Salling brand, a 100% direct connection has been created and a visible

relationship between the company Salling Group and the goods on the shelves in the shops. Both internally and externally, the new Salling brand is no longer a constructed brand name or alias, but the name of the front door, the annual report and the largest assortment of own goods in the Danish grocery trade.

Herman Salling was a visionary and dedicated merchant, and his legacy is deeply rooted in Salling Group. Therefore the Salling goods are named after him, and developed from his motto: "We have the right goods at the right prices".

The Salling products are now the group's own unique and 100 % ownable label. Products where quality and price go hand in hand. The Salling products are reflected in time and match customers' expectations for a wide selection and everyday inspiration.  


The Salling products are Salling Group's own unique and 100 % ownable label. Products where quality and price go hand in hand. 

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