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Making a new private label stand out as 100% ownable, relevant and distinct

From Levevis to Salling ØKO 

Brand Name and Concept

In 2017 Levevis was just one of many private labels in the Salling Group's portfolio, but analysis showed, that a large number of these strategic important PL’s, lacked the attractiveness and relevance, that consumers expect and seek. Consumers showed a low degree of brand preference and loyalty, and we concluded, that adding another PL would only be a ‘quick fix’ and not a long-term investment and strategic rationale.

So, we decided to understand, how we could develop a private label strategy, that would strengthen the brand-profile and attractiveness of Føtex & Bilka – supporting their uniqueness as shopping destination, but also giving costumers a clear reason and compass, when choosing a private label product in one of the two chains.


The new Private Label strategy was formulated to reflect and accentuate the core values of Føtex and Bilka – making a new private label stand out as 100% ownable, relevant and distinct.

Our recommendation has been to build and establish a Masterbrand, named Salling. The new private label Salling, is a mean to increase the overall competitive advantage and unique corporate identity of Salling Group.

The Salling Masterbrand will cover and strengthen the PL strategy across the tiers ‘better and best’ replacing many existing own brands – including Levevis.

To be continued…. as the Masterbrand is being soft- launched across tiers and categories


We wanted to develop a Private Label strategy and concept that’s unique, relevant and ownable to Salling Group. The new design have proven to increase shopper loyalty and costumer’s satisfaction with own label and attract new shoppers.

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