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Them 1888 is a Danish Dairy Company, specializing in organic milk powder for the Chinese and Asian markets. For Chinese parents, the health and growth of their children are valued assets. Tall children is a success criteria and milk is seen as one of the means to reach the goal. Organic milk even more.

Most Chinese regard Western dairy brands as the most trustworthy and safe. That's  why, when we set out to design the packaging, our aim was to create a Nordic look and feel, featuring milk drinking Caucasian children.  


However, the main feature of the box is the function. When the lid is lifted, the milk in the glass is emptied and simultaneously the legs of the child gets longer. The product USP explained for children without words. And also a feature, that makes it a lot funnier for children to ask for a glass of milk.The boxes contains milk powder sachets.

In order not to favor a particular gender, the product is sold in both a girl's and a boy's version.


Asian parents wants their children to grow as tall as possible and they want to explain it to their children in the simplest way. 

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